Looking to part ways with your iPhone? Look no further – you’re in the right place! Welcome to ‘Neo Wireless Phones,’ your go-to destination for selling phones. Our phone buying shop ensures you get the best deals, offering a specific range for your phone that beats marketplace selling fees. Enjoy hassle-free and cost-effective shipping through FedEx or UPS.

Explore a variety of iPhone selling deals at our local Neo Wireless Phones store, tailored to meet your unique requirements and preferences. We understand the urgency at times, so we provide optional 2-day shipping and 24-hour processing for those who can’t wait.

Our services go beyond just iPhones; we also buy Samsung products. Here’s a list of devices we accept:

  • Sell any smartphone
  • Sell iPhone
  • Sell iPad
  • Sell MacBook
  • Sell iPod
  • Sell iMac
  • Sell iWatch
  • Sell Mac Mini
  • Sell Mac Pro
  • Sell other Apple products
  • Sell Android tablet devices

Additionally, we purchase high-quality used iPhones in our store, all of which come with a 30-day warranty. Selling an iPhone has never been easier, and we guarantee a stress-free and enjoyable experience. For more information, visit our official website. Count on us once, and we’ll always have your back!

Is your phone financed, blacklisted or activation locked?

We do NOT purchase phones that have been reported lost, stolen, blocked, blacklisted or activation locked.

You can check the ESN/IMEI Status of your phone by visiting


Condition Examples

Iphone s
*Scratches may be enhanced to show detail
Sell iphone detroit
*Scratches may be enhanced to show detail
Best I phone
iphone 6
*Scratches may be enhanced to show detail
Sell your Iphone
sell old Iphone
*Scratches may be enhanced to show detail

Tips to assess the condition of your device

Before assessing the condition of your device, we highly recommend the following:
  1. Remove the device from its cover and remove any screen protectors from the screen. We’ve had many instances where the cover and screen protector have left behind permanent marks on devices.
  2. Use a flashlight or put the device under a bright light to check for scratches on the screen.
  3. Visually inspect the device for any bends in the frame or any screen separation as this is a commonly overlooked issue.
  4. Check to see if any water damage indicators have been triggered. Click here for more information.
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